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    The collections of 10mm thick cladding and flooring tiles designed by Blustyle are based on a careful study of the tones and materials best suited to enhancing various areas of the home. With solutions that exalt the most admired aesthetic characteristics of ceramic, these elegant wood, stone, and marble finishes aim to make each space unique through the use of products that have been manufactured according to environmentally friendly methods.


    L’anima del Legno

    The Arborea line of porcelain stoneware flooring features the most classic and elegant wood finishes in five different shades, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the most important place: your home.

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    Excellènt Réserve

    The Barrique series of porcelain stoneware flooring represents the authentic expression of wood: oak, walnut, pine, and larch, a selection of valuable woods. The magical atmosphere created by the Barrique line is a journey through the culture of wine, from the charm of its processing and transformation, to the intense aromas of its vineyards.

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    At Cersaie 2017, Blustyle is presenting the new Blutech collection which represents a new development in technical, non-enamelled porcelain stoneware products. In fact, the product uses a unique manufacturing technique which combines performance with elegance.

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    Pierre Noble

    A visit to the castle, a stroll through the town’s streets, and breakfast at the bistrot: surrounded by a history of noble traditions, sophisticated scents, and modern, colourful emotions. With a comforting guardian: stone. Château Royal expresses its adaptability to the styles and times, while remaining noble.

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    Enjoy the City

    The Concrete Jungle series of porcelain stoneware flooring is inspired by modern cities, industrial spaces, and great contemporary works, from Le Corbousier to contemporary architecture. A line of ceramic flooring in characteristic hues of urban concrete, with a contemporary style and innovative design.

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    Land of Wood

    The smell of the countryside, the warmth of the sun or the icy cold of snow, physical contact with wood, with the charming details of its knots, its cracks and nicks, its warm, burnt colours or its colder and more modern hues. Country is an enchanting, welcoming, and incredibly natural wood.

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    Contemporary Glamour

    Classic marble is transformed into porcelain stoneware with high graphic definition and it decisively interprets contemporary style.

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    Natural Limestone

    The Geotech line of porcelain stoneware flooring is inspired by the stones mined from the Buxy quarries, located in the central-eastern area of France. In a range of colours that are unique in their style and elegance, the series satisfies the needs of those looking to decorate their home or those seeking practical solutions for public spaces destined for intense pedestrian traffic.

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    Natural Style

    Living Stones is a journey through Europe, in search of the most beautiful natural stones on the continent that Blustyle has selected and presented in a porcelain stoneware tile.

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    The Elegance of Marble

    The Marmoris line of porcelain stoneware flooring combines elegance and sophistication and offers the perfection of marble in the Italian hues Carrara and Palissandro, as well as an Iberian appeal in the colours Emperador and Sierra. Perfect for sophisticated spaces and for people who love classic nuances but who don’t want to give up their fresh and youthful style.

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    The Italian Style

    Toscana is the name given by Blustyle to the line of porcelain stoneware flooring designed for those who love rustic and aged hues. The structured surface of these tiles recreates the traditional aesthetic typical of ancient kilns, together with the practical and functional technological quality of ceramic.

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    Metropolitan Style

    A product with a metropolitan flavor, with the charm of the material marked by time. The technical value of porcelain stoneware combined with a contemporary aesthetic.

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    Wild Nature

    Yosemite is a collection made up of a careful selection of limestone slabs whose mineral essence is imbued with a profound natural quality, conveyed through its beautiful shades and veining.

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    Discover all of our 10mm-thick porcelain stoneware cladding solutions and choose the colour tones that work best for your floors: you will find dozens of ad hoc solutions for your home. Lights, nuances, colours, and marble, wood, or stone finishes manufactured with extreme attention to detail and the utmost precision to guarantee high quality floors that are perfect for small, medium, and large spaces.