Sustainable Development

Innovative manufacturing technology and production processes with a low environmental impact, as well as a company policy that is careful about the safety of its employees and clients, are at the foundation of Blustyle’s work ethic, which, through specific choices and quantifiable actions, has been committed for years to safeguarding the environment and the people who live and work in it.
The entire porcelain stoneware flooring manufacturing process is eco-friendly and strictly adheres to industry regulations, drastically reducing the emission of pollutants and the consumption of resources:

– The raw manufacturing waste and the unfired materials that do not meet the high quality standards are re-used in the manufacturing process.

– All of the water used is recycled in the manufacturing process, resulting in savings of 60% in terms of water consumption.

– The water left over from the manufacturing process is never dumped into the environment.

– The packaging materials (cardboard boxes, plastic materials, wooden pallets, etc.) are all recyclable.

– The pallets used have no bark (in accordance with the IPPC / FAO ISPM 15 standard) to safeguard the forests of the countries which import Blustyle products.

All Blustyle employees are committed every day to respecting the existing legal provisions regarding safety and the environment through repeated and rigorous inspections geared towards managing, preserving, and, when possible, reducing the use of natural resources. A certified and verifiable commitment that goes hand in hand with that put in effect in order to provide continuous information to and maintain an ongoing collaboration with the population and with public organizations in terms of the environmental policies adopted and the actions undertaken for continued protection of the environment.